Collaborated with Gabriel Kleber 2019
steel metal, resonator, ultraviolet line laser, phosphorescent pigment

RECOLLECTOR is a sound light installation made Collaborated with sound artist Gabriel Kleber (DE) It is an installation consists of a sculptural and a sonic part. The sculpture, a curved 3m x 1.5m metal sheet, hanging on the wall of one the side of a room; on the opposite wall, light is sent through a slit in a projector, creating a vertical strip of light that wanders slowly across the sculpture.

The metal panel at the same time acts as a speaker membrane through which sounds are played, essentially turning the whole sculpture into a giant loudspeaker. We curated a set of precomposed audio segments, the playback order of which is determined by a generative matching algorithm. The result is a consistent but continuously var ying stream of audio constituting the sonic ambience of the installation. Words and utterances will be recorded, and upon recording enter the stream as glitches and spectral traces that emerge and subside, or sediment in various forms. A coating on the metal plate will temporarily record visitors’ shadows as they stand in front of the sculpture and the light wanders over them.

If space has memory, it is embodied in the people that populate it. When they leave, only traces remain. One can only guess what may have happened minutes, months or lifetimes ago.

Recollector has its own memory; it remembers and recalls those that once passed through. Stored recollections impose themselves at un-expected moments – occasionally recognisable, oftentimes distor t-ed or faint. They grow, fade and convolute by taking on a life of their own. The installation acts as a platform in which visitors can communicate with each other by leaving traces, becoming one of the room’s countless recollections of a past version of itself that might have never existed.