I wish I could control time, but
Installation, Performance
mechanical clocks

I wish I could control time, but is a three days performance series with an installation of mechanical clocks.

Day 01

At 6 o’clock, I released the alarm and set each of the random clocks to an absolute 6 at 6 o’clock. I wound the clocks.

Day 02

At 6 o’clock, I started syncronizing the clocks according to the watch I was wearing. I also set an alarm at 5 o’clock. I wound the clocks, also the alarms.

Day 03

At 5 o’clock, the clocks started to ring, but not at the same time. I waited until all of them finished and set the time back to random. I wound the clocks, also the alarms.

From the trivial to the consequential,
losing to regaining, tears to laughter, death and love…

In many moments, I wish for the power of control.

I want to change the past and the future,

I want to change the flow of time.

I look at the mechanical clocks sitting in the corner.

They move forward when their spring gets tightened,

they ring, when they reach the preset time.

Am I able to manipulate time by manipulating them?

If I set them all to start at the same time,

If I tighten them all with the same strength,

will they run with the same speed?

Will they stop at the same time?

I feel all the intensities, rising and descending.

Eventually they will fall into place.

As will I.