Artistic Statement

Yaqin Si(b. 1990) is a Chinese artist. She graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo and is now based in Berlin. Her multicultural background enables her to approach certain phenomenons from diverse perspectives. That shaped her interest in exploring substance rather than surface.

Especially fascinated by the inner world as a human being, she uses her artwork, such as installation, film and performance as methods to manifest and actualize the relationships between individual and its environment. She intends to evoke emotional responses to allow people to see the world in a way that distances them from their established view.


2019 Eigenbedarf 2019, “Elemenated from”, Berlin, Germany

2019 48 Stunden Neukölln/ KINDL Centre for Contemporary Art, “I wish I could control time, but”, Berlin, Germany

2019 48 Stunden Neukölln, “Recollector”, Berlin, Germany

2019 FREE PANORAMA/ 2019 Shenzhen New Media Art Festival, "In the Midst of", Shenzhen China

2018 Porthmeor Studios, “Engulf”, Cornwall, UK

2017 48 hours Neukölln, “In the Midst of”, Berlin, Germany

2016 Degree Show in MUA, “In the Midst of”, Tokyo, Japan

2015 The 10th international exchange exhibition, Nature created by design, “Walk”, Reading, UK2015 After School Media Art, “Alchemy”, Tokyo, Japan

2015 Tokyo Midtown, Design Hub, D-LOUNG “ぼくらは小さいままなか?”, Tokyo, Japan 

2014 The 9th international exchange exhibition, Nature created by design, “Smooth Firm”, Seoul, Korea

2014 RINS’ Image phenomenon exhibition, “Bubble”, Tokyo, Japan


2019 21.04 Sunday, FruitySpace, "Time Difference", Beijing, China

2019 DEPARTURE/ARRIVAL/RETURN by Lagoon Parliament/Transmediale Vorspiel, "Time Difference", Berlin, Germany

2018 Performance Art Festival, Ikutani SAN, Berlin, Germany

2017 WABE Berlin, G8000000, Visual Artist2017 48 hours Neukölln, Alchemy II: The Becoming, Experimental Video/ Performance, Berlin, Germany

2016 PIA - pop im Ausland, Sin: Ned solo, Experimental Video/ Visual Jokey, Berlin, Germany

2015 Michal Bielicky Lecture: Go public, Experimental Video/ Perfor- mance. Tokyo, Japan 

2015 Digital Humanize, Experimental Video/ Performance, Tokyo, Japan


2019 Fachbereich Kultur, "Kunstförderung 48 h Neukölln" 2019, "Recollector", Berlin, Germany

2018 BLOOOM Award, "In the Midst of", Nominated, Cologne, Germany

2017 Festival of Animated Film Berlin, “Without Desitination”, Nominated, Berlin, Germany

2017 Festival of Animated Film Berlin, “Snow White”,Nominated, Berlin, Germany 

Lagoon Parliament

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