Smooth Firm
Image Phenomenon, Installation
water, ice, salt, rice paper,

“Time Difference” is a Performance with an installation of a square number of mechanical clocks.

I went through the most intense time in my life during the last months.

From trivial to consequential, losing to regaining, tears to laughter, death and love…

In many moments, I wished for the power of control. That I want to change the past and the future, to change the flow of time.

I looked at the 25 clocks sitting in the corner.

Those mechanical clocks move forward when their spring gets tightened, they ring, when they reach the preset time.  

May I be able to control time by controlling them.

I set them all to start at the same time, I tighten them all with the same strength,

but will they run with the same speed? Will they stop at the same time?