In the Midst of
Projection, Air system, Live sound

The work “In the Midst of” is an installation using painting, projection, and sound of the air flowing in the space. “In the midst of” has two main parts, A static blue line projection in the front, and a 5m x 5m painted black circle in the back. The work is presented in a complete darkroom, the only light source is from the projection. The duration of the work is ≥3mins, which is the minimum time for human eyes to adapt to darkness.

The darkness of “In the Midst of” can trigger instinctive fear in the audience. During the first 3 mins, there is an intense change in the physical perception of experiencing the lack of light, which eventually develops into synesthetical experience and a coming together of the senses. During the creating process, I experienced an enormous fear of lost and unknown. The feeling of being suspended somewhere and nothing would happen no matter what I did became a big part of developing the work. The process of accepting fear and continuously exploring eventually visualized my situation of somewhere or something “In the Midst of”.

We exist in the midst of light and dark, known and unknown, fear and belief. “In the Midst of” is a work producing experience and challenge of this ambiguous existence.

Photos by:
Nina Ijäs

Piet Schmidt